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Safety Statistic

Trusted data comes from 18,000+ law enforcement agencies, 9.4 million crime incidents. Seamless national coverage and up to 90% accuracy.

Reliable Data

Data comes from 8.5 million raw demographic data element from government sources, U.S. Geological survey, H.U.D., FHFA, Census and additional sources. Seamless 100% U.S. coverage.

Consumer Convenience

Save time and effort by getting relevant and meaningful travel information regarding a location's Crime, Demographics, and Business, all in one place.

What We Do

We are a group of travel enthusiastic and data gurus. At SafeLighthouse, we provide data-driven solutions to safeguard your journey We act with precision and integrity, and empower you to make your best travel decisions.

Social Responsibility

At SafeLighthouse, we are committed to bringing light and clarity to people’s travel and relocation decisions. As a responsible corporate citizen, we focus not only on providing better travel services, but also on delivering greater social value. Towards that goal, we contribute 5% of our report proceeds to support and global outreach.


At SafeLighthouse, we know we all thrive when we work together. Our core partnerships in tourism, education, business, and health define us to be a trusted leader in the travel education space. To start a conversation, please send your company’s profile to

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