About Safe Lighthouse

Our Mission

SafeLighthouse is a group of travel enthusiasts and data gurus who believe that everyone should have access to reliable, accessible information about their travel destinations. Living and engaging in life in the States has blessed our lives with opportunities to travel across this beautiful nation. Over the years, we have noticed how domestic and international travelers are often inadequately prepared to face potentially undesirable situations that may come with traveling in unfamiliar destinations. The mission of SafeLighthouse is to assist fellow travelers by providing a one-stop travel information hub that focuses on neighborhoods’ safety, demographic, and investment potential.

Our three Destination Reports combine cost-effective protection, reliable research, and customer-centric service to maximize your travel destination knowledge. Your safety is our priority, which is why we provide comprehensive data analytics in our SafeLighthouse Crime Report. It is an accessible guide for understanding the relevant crime statistics of a traveller’s destination, so you are empowered to make the best and most informed travel decisions. Are you trying to understand who currently lives in your destination? The SafeLighthouse Demographics Report breaks down neighborhood lifestyles, characteristics, ethnic diversity, and household types for job relocators, renters, international students, and anyone who wishes to have access to such invaluable information. And for any prospective business investors, the SafeLighthouse Real Estate Trends and Forecasts Report provides information on past trends, appreciation potential, and regional investment potential, all of which is tailored to guide your decision-making process.

SafeLighthouse brings together a comprehensive list of travel insights: neighborhood analysis, travel deals, travel insurance comparisons, travelers’ health, unique travel products, and meaningful travel content. Our extensive travel services and products create a firm foundation for you to build upon as you plan your trip. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on the experience, whether you’re hiking the San Juan Mountains, wandering the street of Manhattan, hot air ballooning in Albuquerque, or strolling the Myrtle Beach boardwalk, let us light your way.

Safe travels!

The SafeLighthouse Team